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Tall teen Thalia strips off
Tall teen Thalia strips off -
00:02:17Aug 8, 2011
Teen cutie pampers her feet
Teen cutie pampers her feet -
00:02:23Jul 12, 2011
Sexy teen Suzy gives foot job
Sexy teen Suzy  gives foot job -
00:02:02Jun 16, 2011
Your Boyfriend Won't Find Out
Your Boyfriend Won't Find Out - Madison Ivy has a boyfriend but she is secretly fucking Mickey. Mickey goes see her at the restaurant where she works and when the place closes down, he fucks the shit out of her in the kitchen.
00:03:03May 9, 2011

Fucked On The Pool Table
Fucked On The Pool Table - Chase Evans is the hottest waitress at the bar and Keiran wants to fuck her really bad. He offers her to teach her how to play pool. When Chase bends over to shoot, she feels Kieran's big cock and gets so horny she fucks him right there on the pool table.
00:03:03May 8, 2011
Carwash for Pom Poms
Carwash for Pom Poms - The girls have organized a carwash to raise money for pompoms for their cheerleading squad. The girls get one lucky customer who got a very nice showing. The girls got all soapy and wet in their bikins, too hot for words!After washing his car they wanted a tip and he gave them a big tip alright!He got downright dirty with the girls on his car!
00:03:00May 7, 2011
Payback served hot and steamy
Payback served hot and steamy - Working at a clothing store can be really boring. But when you run into an old high school bully, things get interesting. Amber Rayne was ridiculed by this slut bitch a lot in high school. Amber will do anything to get her back. So when the bitch leaves, Amber quickly seduces the bitch's boyfriend. The positions this girl comes up with are mesmerizing. She also swallows it whole. Watch this bitch get fucked like hell.
00:02:59May 6, 2011
Service with a pussy and a smile
Service with a pussy and a smile - Britney Angel is left to manage Mofos Pizza by herself. A customer comes in complaining the bread sticks are shaped like cocks. She decides to make this guy a new batch of bread sticks and let him have her luscious asshole all to himself. She takes it hard all over the pizza joint.
00:03:05May 5, 2011

Pin-up For a Day
Pin-up For a Day - Victoria is working in a flower shop to save up for college. When renowned photographer Steve French walks in, she seizes the chance to make more money and drops her panties to the ground!!!
00:03:07May 4, 2011
Paint my face white!
Paint my face white! - Katie has another house to paint today. Her new client is surprised to see this cute girl at his house to do this big job!She gets to work and he can't his eyes of her ass and tits!She notices him staring and starts to really tease him while painting!Katie asks him if he has something big to help stir her paint!He had something big alright but it wasn't to stir the paint. He had his big cock to stir her pussy crazy!!
00:03:00May 3, 2011
Putting your Pussy to work!
Putting your Pussy to work! - Pepper Foxxx and her co-worker are having a hard time selling cologne. Their boss comes along and says that the first person to sell all their stock gets a week off paid. When pepper sees her co-worker out selling her she decides to give up what she knows no guy will turn down...her tight pussy!She takes a customer to the back and sucks him off and even fucks him!Sex so good he had no choice but to buy.
00:03:08May 2, 2011
Scape my Pussy
Scape my Pussy - Scott can't go out anywhere because he is waiting for the landscapers to come over. These landscapers aren't like the others. Melanie Jayne and Riley Ray like to do their landscaping in a very sexy way. When they finally arrive, Scott can't control himself and gets between them. The hot sluts really gave Scott a wild ride. Little landscaping gets done but the sex is still wild.
00:03:08May 1, 2011

Taking two shots to the chin!
Taking two shots to the chin! - Britney became a masseuse just so she can fuck hot guys!!Today she was in for a treat, she had two hot studs back to back!First she fucked Billy and after him she fucked her next client Jordan. Talk about a regular nympho!She fucked the two guys back to back and didn't miss a step!Great scene!
00:02:58Apr 30, 2011
My pussy fits just right!
My pussy fits just right! - Jordan is shopping for a new pair of shoes but all the shoes are too small and tight for him. The sexy store clerk Mackenzee helping him decides to give her client a foot message to relieve his pain. She really trying to make this sale!She then shows the customer that all things tight and small are bad, for instance her pussy!Her tight pussy on his big cock fit like a glove, fuck the shoes!
00:03:02Apr 29, 2011
Nailed for Stealing!
Nailed for Stealing! - Store security guard Lee has taken quite a liking to the store clerk Zeina. Her tight body is driving him nuts and he wants to fuck her so bad!So he decides hes going to frame her for stealing store merchandise and see what she is willing to do to save her job!He does exactly that and Zeina decides to give the security guard a taste of her tight snatch!
00:03:02Apr 28, 2011
Working the boss' Daughter
Working the boss' Daughter - Kelly has the day off from school today and her dad is forcing her to tag along with him to work. He wants to show his daughter what hard work is all about so she'll know what it takes to get ahead in life. Soon as her dad leaves to go to a meeting Kelly catches one of her dad's employees watching porn on his laptop!He begs her not to tell her dad!Kelly tells him the only way she won't tell her dad is if he fucks her right on his desk!!He gave the little slut exactly wanted she wanted and she loved it!
00:03:05Apr 27, 2011

Dicking on the Job
Dicking on the Job - Camp counselors Allyssa and Kacey just finished their shift and were bored and wanted to have fun! The two then decide to pay a visit to Scott, another counselor in the next cabin that they find cute. The two girls double teamed Scott and he fucked these two till they couldn't take anymore!Fun day on the job!
00:03:02Apr 26, 2011
Deep Dick Pussy Pie
Deep Dick Pussy Pie - Scott was pissed when the delivery girl arrived late with his deep dish!So since there is no 30min or its free policy he needed something just as sweet as free food...free fucking pussy!You can tell this petite girl never had something so big inside her, she was loving his dick!She fucked him like it was her job!and took a big facial for her tip.
00:02:59Apr 25, 2011
Today's Lesson...Fuck me or Fail!
Today's Lesson...Fuck me or Fail! - Shayne is having a extremely hard time tutoring Jordan!He keeps making dumb references to her body and his cock while she's trying to teach him. Shayne decides if he's so cocky let's see if he just all talk and stupid jokes. She pulls down her panties and instructs him to bring his best!Jordan fucks Shayne pretty well, it was evident her tight pussy was loving his big cock!
00:03:05Apr 24, 2011
1-900-FUCK-MEE - Kiara begins her new job as a phone sex operator and does a bang up job. Jordan a co-worker is infatuated by her dirty mouth and decides to place an anonymous call to get a taste for himself. When she finds out that it's Jordan calling her she shows him that she's not all talk.
00:03:03Apr 23, 2011

Soap, Sluts and Sex
Soap, Sluts and Sex - Jordan Ash is having a pleasant afternoon watching a great film. There are two ladies at the door that want to wash Jordans windows for some extra cash. These two get all soaped up and wet quickly while washing the windows. Jordan gets invited to join them and a magical threesome occurs in the backyard. Watch as they swallow his giant dick and take it up their tight pussies real hard.
00:03:05Apr 22, 2011
Horny Little Housesitter
Horny Little Housesitter - Allyssa is a young sexy girl working as a housesitter for Mr. and Mrs Mountain. While Allyssa is cleaning the main bedroom she accidentally walks in on Mr. Mountain. When he confesses to bring deprived of sex by Mrs. Mountain, Allyssa immediately resolves the problem.
00:02:59Apr 21, 2011
Cum on Down to MOFO Burgers
Cum on Down to MOFO Burgers - Keiran and his pal get a bite to eat at MOFO Burgers. The service sucks, the food is terrible and the place is filthy, however the girls love to fuck.
00:03:00Apr 20, 2011
Produce makes me feel good inside!
Produce makes me feel good inside! - Melanie Jayne is late for work at the grocery store and the manager is livid. When she finally gets there she has to put away all the new stock that came in. When she is handling the cucumbers, it reminds her of what she was doing before work. The manager stumbles in and catches her with a cucumber in her pussy. He can't help getting a hard on watching her with the cucumber. She takes matters into her own hands by getting a hold of his giant cock and putting in her mouth.
00:03:07Apr 19, 2011


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