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Principal's Pussy Lesson
Principal's Pussy Lesson - Here's a bit of advice for teen girls everywhere: Don't fool around in your school's bathroom if you don't want to get caught. Not everyone would be as lucky as Jayden in that situation. She gets caught sucking a boy's cock in the girls' restroom by her principal. Jayden expects the worst, but finds a reprieve when her principal reveals that she doesn't want to punish them. What she really wants is to teach these two students a lesson. And that's how to suck and fuck in three-way. This sexy MILF gives Jayden sex tips while they take turns working their mouths and twats on this lucky guy's cock.
00:01:05Nov 13, 2010
Limber And Lewd
Limber And Lewd - "I used to do gymnastics when I was younger. I don't anymore, but I still practice my splits and straddles from time to time. I've never told anyone this before, but it makes me horny to do them. I don't know what it is...maybe it gets the blood flow going down there. Or maybe having my legs open all wide like that reminds me of having sex. That's why I like to stretch and masturbate at the same time. It's my secret to having the best orgasm I can have...by myself."
00:01:09Nov 12, 2010
Blue Collar Groupie
Blue Collar Groupie - "There's something about blue collar guys that turns me on so much. You know, repairmen and plumbers and gardeners. I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to them. Maybe it's because they're good with their hands. Or maybe it's because my parents would be so pissed to find out I was with a guy who was anything less than an Ivy League graduate. All I know is that they know how to get me off the way I like it. They're not going to treat me like a crystal trinket that'll break under the slightest pressure. I like it a little rough, a little dirty. And that's how they give it to me."
00:01:09Nov 11, 2010
Hot And Steamy
Hot And Steamy - "I know this probably sounds cliche, but my favorite place to masturbate is the shower. I don't have to worry about anyone walking in on me like when I do it in my bedroom, and the sound of water covers my moaning. I like to start off by rubbing soap all over my body, especially my tits and pussy. I stroke them and massage them and imagine that that's what a guy feels when he's groping me. Without fail that always gets me worked up to the point where I have to stroke my clit. I rub it and imagine that it's a tongue coaxing my clit out from under the hood. And then when I'm ready to cum I like to lay down on the floor and really go to town on my pussy, working it like I'm a DJ on the turntables. By the time I'm done my skin is all pruny 'cause I've been playing with myself for so long."
00:01:09Nov 10, 2010

Too Horny To Wait
Too Horny To Wait - "How is my boyfriend going to make me wait a whole hour to get some dick? After I went through the trouble of shaving my pussy and baking cookies for him! I can't wait an hour, I'm horny now! Oh, well. At least when he gets here my pussy will be nice and wet for him. For now, I'll just have to rub my clit and play with my big pussy lips till I cum. It's no biggie, though. I can have lots of orgasms, and the more I have, the better they feel!"
00:01:06Nov 9, 2010
Jilling Off
Jilling Off - Everyone knows what jacking off is. Jordan is getting ready to do the female version of that–jilling off. With the house to herself she's free to roam and bounce around naked and diddle her clit on the couch that mom and dad watch TV on every night. The air conditioner must be broken or something 'cause Jordan keeps commenting about how hot it is. Normally we'd say that sucks, but in this case it just helps to get her clothes off faster. Watch this nubile teen work her tiny hole with her finger up close and personal just for you.
00:01:02Nov 8, 2010
Can't Wash Away Dirty Thoughts
Can't Wash Away Dirty Thoughts - No matter how much a flattie like Monika suds up her nubile body, there's no way to wash away the dirty thoughts that make her pussy throb. "Nice girls aren't supposed to think about the kinds of things that go through my mind. I try not to think about how badly I want to feel a cock inside of me, or how badly I just want to get fucked. But I can't stop. Well I can, but the only way is by making myself cum, so I do. A lot. Does that make me a dirty girl?"
00:01:05Nov 7, 2010
English Girls Aren't Always Proper
English Girls Aren't Always Proper - This is one hot pair of dirty-talking English sluts. Poppy mans the camera and zooms into Lolly's pussy while Lolly tells her that she's going to be her slut for the afternoon. She wasn't lying! Poppy tugs on Lolly's big pussy lips. Then Lolly spreads wide as her two fingers and Poppy's two fingers go in her pussyhole at the same time. The C-word is flying, the dildos come out and things are about to get raunchy. Poppy zooms in for plenty of super-close shots of Lolly fucking herself with her toy, then fucks her own hole with a vibe. Lolly takes both of those juice-coated toys down her throat and gags on them...and that's just the beginning! Watch the rest to see just how nasty they get.
00:01:04Nov 6, 2010

Naked In Nature
Naked In Nature - "It was such a nice day outside that I decided to lie out naked. And whenever I'm naked I can't help but play with my pussy. I like to stroke it nice and slow for a bit to get it wet for my little friend. And by little friend I mean my vibrator. I take it everywhere, and when I put it on my clit I cum super quick. I like to sit there with the toy on my button and my ass in the air and pretend a guy is behind me fucking me doggie-style. I think masturbating in the great outdoors is the best way to enjoy Mother Nature!"
00:01:01Nov 5, 2010
Hot Beef Injection
Hot Beef Injection - "I'd never been sexually active before, and the last place I expected to lose my virginity was at the doctor's office. But I couldn't help it. The doctor was really cute and I got really turned on when he started to examine me. He put the stethoscope to my chest and I could feel my heart pounding. He heard it too, but what he didn't know was that my pussy was wet too. I made sure he found out when I spread my legs for him. Then he examined my pussy with his finger and his cock. I was feeling pretty good when I got there, but I felt even better after he gave me some of his special medicine."
00:01:00Nov 4, 2010
Bikini Teenie
Bikini Teenie - Skinny, little-titted Katie's hanging around in her bikini thinking about what it would be like to touch a guy down there. The thought of a cock in her hand, or even better–in her mouth makes her want to play with her mosquito bites and rub her pussy. She takes off her bikini and shows you what she's hiding underneath. For a virgin she sure puts on a hot show. She shows you what she'd do with a cock by practicing her blow jobs skills with it (she's a natural) and then slowly working it into her slit.
00:01:01Nov 3, 2010
Older Sister Bares Her Bush
Older Sister Bares Her Bush - Carly's a bit of an anomaly for an 18eighteen girl. She wants to be a porn star, she has natural DD-cup tits and a bush between her legs. We don't get too many of those round these here parts, but we welcome her nonetheless. And the one thing that she has in common with our typical models–arguably one of the most important things–is that she loves to fuck! You can tell it's true when she sticks a vibe between her fuzzy lips and grinds away. She gets it slick with her juices and masturbates and cums for the camera. Think she has what it takes to be a porn star? Watch and decide for yourself.
00:01:00Nov 2, 2010

Raunchy In The Restroom
Raunchy In The Restroom - Feeling voyeuristic? We've got the video for you then! Watch blonde, little Suzi getting herself off in a cramped public bathroom. Now you know why girls take so long in the restroom. Because they're too busy rubbing their clits and cumming to pay attention to the time! Suzi takes a good while working her slit with her finger and gently drilling her hole with a fuckstick. She just couldn't wait!
00:00:45Nov 1, 2010
Horny Haileey
Horny Haileey - "There's nothing I love more than when a guy pins me down and fucks me till I cum. But first he's gotta lick my asshole, or else I'll put up a fight. Once he slobs all over my little, pink starfish I'm like putty in his hands. I'll let him do whatever he wants to me, and I'll do whatever he wants me to do. Which is usually suck on his cock till my jaw hurts. But that's okay. I kinda like it, 'cause it hurts so good."
00:01:12Oct 31, 2010
Old Times' Sake
Old Times' Sake - They say that scent is the strongest trigger for memories, but in Nyla's case, it's the sight of her old bed that brings her back. All those slumber parties with her girlfriends...and guy friends. The memories of eating pussy and fucking cock come flooding back, and she needs to get off on her old bed one more time...for old times' sake. You can more or less guess what she's thinking of as she rubs her clit and stuffs her pussy full of a dong that looks like it's big enough to split her in half. "I wish I had one of my girlfriends here to lick me good," Nyla says. So do we, girl. So do we.
00:00:46Oct 30, 2010
Teen Teaser
Teen Teaser - Today we have young, blonde babe Kinzi playing with her perky, little tits and her pussy. Kinzi gives you her tits right away, but makes you wait a bit to see her pink beaver, which has a nice patch of fur on top. What a tease! She's a bit curvy, but that's okay. We're fans of baby phat. Watch Kinzi rub her pussy for a while then finish off with her favorite vibe.
00:00:46Oct 29, 2010

The Hotter, The Better
The Hotter, The Better - "I love hot tubs. They're so warm and relaxing, and the bubbles feel so good! I like to turn up the temperature as high as it will go, take off my bathing suit and play with my pussy. It makes my nipples so hard and my twat so wet. My ultimate fantasy is to have sex in a hot tub. I'd want the guy and I to start off fucking above the water and then slowly move down until we're submerged so that I can have my orgasm underwater with all the bubbles tickling my ass."
00:00:46Oct 28, 2010
Pounded At The Pool
Pounded At The Pool - No one can resist Jessica's pretty face and her tiny, suckable tits, including this poolboy. He can't stop himself from massaging her boobs and stroking her slit while she naps, but his boldness is rewarded. Jessica gets so turned on by the heavy petting that she sheds the bikini and her inhibitions. A day of tanning turns into a hot, steamy afternoon of cock sucking and pussy slamming for these two. Watch Jessica's fuckhole get drilled and hammered in a variety of positions.
00:00:43Oct 27, 2010
Cumming Instead of Studying
Cumming Instead of Studying - Alexis is bored with doing homework. After all, does she look like the kind of girl who cares about her grades? Uh, no. The only things Alexis cares about are boys and cumming. So, what does she do instead of studying? How about play with her little pussy while looking at some pictures in a magazine–something we all like to do now and then! "Getting off is so much more fun than memorizing boring history facts. If only they could find a way to mix studying and cumming. Then I'd be a straight-A student!" said Alexis.
00:00:46Oct 26, 2010
Voyuer's Delight
Voyuer's Delight - There's a little voyeur in all of us. An intimate look at a young girl doesn't just have to mean you're looking at her little tits and pussy (but we still give you that anyway). It can also mean seeing her do everyday things that no one else is usually witness to. Like changing, brushing her teeth, or in this case, shaving her legs in the bathtub. Honey lathers up her legs for a shave and starts rubbing her pussy, too. Once she's done with her legs, she starts shaving her cunt. After it's fresh and smooth, she masturbates with her hand and a big dildo while thinking of how her boyfriend's going to play with her shaved twat later that night. Just another day in the life of a teen.
00:00:34Oct 25, 2010

Poolside Boy
Poolside Boy - Syndi is ready for her lesson...in sucking and fucking. She's supposed to learn the back stroke but she'd rather be stroking something else. So she grabs her swim instructor's cock and down her throat it goes. After bathing his tool in spit and sucking on his balls, she gets a pool-side pounding. Watch Syndi bounce up and down on her instructor's pole and moan like the seductive little tart she is.
00:00:42Oct 24, 2010
Itty Bitties And A Wet Slitty
Itty Bitties And A Wet Slitty - It's all fun and games until someone gets horny! That's when it gets pretty fucking serious. Especially when puffy-titted teen, Peyton Parker is ready to cum. Peyton's is a flawless strip of teen pussy. It's an immaculately bald, pink, clean fuck-hole waiting to be filled and pumped with steaming cock. Savor it as this Video Virgin spits all over a pink vibey and recreates what it'd be like fucking her tiny little brains out in her bathroom. She knows that you like it when she is extra-wet, so she is gonna spread her girly gash wide and imagine that it's your dong penetrating her until she gushes teeny goo. If you have a big cock, Peyton is your girl. This teen has vowed to become the best cock-rocker around, and by the looks of it, she is well on her way.
00:00:41Oct 23, 2010
Flat And Plugged
Flat And Plugged - Cynthia may be a video virgin, but a real-life virgin, she's not. This horny girl just turned 18 and just bought her first dildo and can't wait to show you how she uses it! "When the guys at home watch me with this dildo, I want them to imagine that it's their cock I'm fucking. The way I work my pussy with this toy is the way I like to get fucked," Cynthia said. "When I'm wiggling it around in my pussy it's almost as good as the real thing."
00:00:32Oct 22, 2010
Young, Wet And Soapy
Young, Wet And Soapy - Angelica is really good at cleaning equipment. She'll get every speck off your car with a little soap and a rag, and she'll make your dick glisten with her tongue. She even goes the extra mile to buff that cock with her pussy. Watch Angelica's tight hole slip and slide on a long rod while her big ass jiggles and wiggles. And after the fucking is over, she makes sure every drop of cum lands on her tits.
00:01:00Oct 21, 2010


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